John's Hadrian's Wall Trek

08 Aug 2023

On 03 June 2023, John took on the Hadrian's Wall walk challenge. This had been years in the works, with the original date of 2020 being postponed due to the pandemic. The challenge was once again put on the back burner after the pandemic due to various work and life events getting in the way. However, one day when he decided to detour on his way to Glasgow to see Hadrian's Wall, John was once again inspired and decided it was time to get planned and prepped. 

"I had done many walks since leaving the Army, all for charity, but they were day events. This walk was completely unsupported and camping each night over five days and on my own. Kind of different form the norm". 

John began his walk at Bowness-on-Solway and completed 23 miles on day one alone! On day two John walked 15 miles and this is where he began to see parts of the existing wall. Day three consisted of 18 miles and this is the day that John has deemed the toughest. Day four he walked 17 miles, and on the final day John walked 11 miles. John compelted the full 84 miles in only four and a half days!

"I was not going to do this for charity, but I decided to at the last minute. After serving for 23 years myself, leaving back in 2009, I have seen friends of mine struggle. I now teach Mental Health Training under MHFA (England). Therefore, I wanted to do something aroud Mental Health and the Military. I also have friends who have been in touch with Combat Stress. I just hope that my efforts get to at least one person who may be suffering to say that you are not alone"

Including gift aid, John raised a fantastic £861.24! We send huge congratulations and thanks to John for completeing this phenominal challenge and for raising the funds to support our life-changing mental health treatment.