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March in March 21

I did this last year and as you can imagine, like all other such organisations, Combat Stress this year is in need of vital funds for essential mental health treatment for veterans. So once again I am going to put my best boot forward to raise awareness and funds so veterans get the support they need.

Thank you so much for your support.

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Job Done

Thursday 1st Apr
I just managed to hit my target of 150 miles in the month, a combination of a jam packed work diary and feeling a bit under the weather after Jab 1 nearly scuppered that.

Thank you to all that have donated, supported and messaged - I look forward to doing it all again next year - 200 miles?

End of week 3

Thursday 25th Mar
Didn't quite crack 100 miles but my tracker says 99!!

Weather has still be OK and the views from the top of the South Downs where I often walk are cracking with Downton Abbey in the distance.

Thanks for the continued support

Half way through

Monday 15th Mar
Well that was a good start in the first two weeks of the month, 76 miles clocked up so far and thank you to all those who have donated thus far.

Obviously the highlight has been the arrival of a Grand Daughter on 05 Mar, only 3 days after my birthday. But some great walks, London Irish doing well and I have only got properly wet a couple of times. Dogs and I getting fitter all the time!!

Training Underway

Monday 15th Feb
The march in March is incoming so have been out and about getting ready!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Peter Howard-dobson


Tom Fitzalan Howard

Get a wiggle on- and a bit faster than when you were at RMAS !


Jennifer Martin

Well done again Tim for this fundraising



Fear Naught, Grandad





I have crutches if you need them!


Archie D Lightfoot

Here's the other £50 Grandad. FN. Archie


Chad Chaplin


Miles Ambler

Fortunately for you I couldn’t get away with “The cheque’s in the post”....


Andrew Cuthbert


Christian De Morgan


Anthony Heath

Tim, Well done a v. worthwhile cause which I supported and used during my 15years as a SSAFA Div Sec


Thomas Hanks

Good stuff Tim


John Trueman


Alasdair Murdoch

great job again Tim v impressive



Keep marching 💪🏽


John Jacobi

Well done Tim!!


Melissa Shipton

Well done Tim !


Justin Kennedy-lunde

Mente et Manu


Marcus Browell

Good cause Tim - well done.


Mark J


Mac Mckillop


John Harris

Good Luck Tim Worthy Cause.


Micheal Keogh

Go for it Tim, make those boots work!


Stan Minter

Always good to see you rallying the troops



Keep those whippets under control !


Frederick Cragie



Tori Mills


John Burbidge-king

Very well done Tim. Keep marching, John


Phillip Ainsworth

A cavalryman going on a march (bet you wish you had been an infantryman), seems odd! Good luck.


Mark Horlock Horlock


Reg Taylor

Good on you Tim.


Ian Mills

Best of luck Tim. A walk in the Park for you no doubt - almost?


Daniel Bennett

Good luck. Great cause



well done again Tim.



Good work Tim


Phil Nunn

Well done Tim


Thomas Watson

Great cause, Tim!


Rachel Panting



No doubt you'll be home for breakfast Tim!


Pauline March

Great work and great cause Tim, all the best


Pam Abraham

Wishing you well. Good cause.


Warren Byrne


Stuart Crawford


Sascha Bahlsen


Jenny Daker


Sean Ryan

A couple of brews on me Tim .


Dennis Jackson