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March in March

Walk 10 miles on any day during the month of March to raise funds for our life-changing mental health treatment for veterans. It's easy to take part - simply register below, decide when and where you're going to walk and then get started!

Walking in the fresh air is a great way to give your mental health a boost and even with COVID-19 restrictions, this is a fundraising event we can all take part in.

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How it works

You can complete the challenge at any time in March! How and where is completely up to you, which means the event can be adjusted to your own personal challenge – walk ten miles in one day, spread it across the month or beat your personal best by running 10 miles as fast as possible. Demand for our services remains high and by taking part in March in March, you will help raise funds for our specialist mental health treatment.


Get started by registering today as an individual or a team and setting up your fundraising page. Register before 31 January for our early bird £12 registration offer or £15 onwards.

Go the distance

Walk, run and complete your 10 miles in one or over a couple of days – the choice is yours. Record your miles using a fitness tracker app or enter them onto your fundraising page manually and receive one of our March in March medals!

Raise vital funds

Share your fundraising page and spread the word! Get your family and friends to sponsor your challenge and raise vital funds in support of veterans mental health.

  • Andrew Mcconaghy just donated £100
  • April Adams just donated £20
  • Mr and Mrs Lake just donated £50
  • Danny Hughes just donated £10.60
  • Lee Spence just donated £22.26
  • Caroline just donated £10.60
  • Graeme Workman just donated £21.20
  • Daniel Hallam just donated £5
  • Connie Thompson just donated £5.30
  • derek just donated £21.20
  • Tammy-Jo Grafton just donated £50
  • Glenn just donated £10.60
  • Christopher Cork just donated £5
  • Lukey just donated £10
  • Bob Wharton just donated £5.30
  • Callum McKay Slaters Ltd just donated £31.80
  • Ross Cochrane just donated £10.60
  • Karen Watts just donated £22.26
  • Wullie Doak just donated £10
  • John France just donated £22.98

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Sharing your 10 miles on FacebookTwitter and Instagram are all great ways to let everyone know you’re taking part in March in March so they can support you and we can thank you.

Be a part of our community and use the hashtag #MarchinMarch if you would like your photo featured below.  We always love to see what our amazing fundraisers get up to!