What a Guy!

11 Dec 2022

Lifting the Dinnie Stones is a near impossible task. More people have climed Everest without oxygen than have lifted the Dinnie Stones!

On 01 November, Guy took on this challenge, and is now proud to be the 230th person to have lifted the Dinnie Stones off the ground. 

Guy says that he gew up watching The World's Strongest Man on the TV. He never thought he would be able to do anything like this until he found out that normal sized people have lifted the Dinnie Stones before after lots of training. This is where his journey began. 

Guy is a Captain in the Army, and this is where his training began. On his most recent operational tour he decied he was going to focus on strength training and aim to lift the Dinnie Stones when he got back home. And this is exactly what he did!

Being a Captiain in the army has led Guy to have firsthand seen veterans struggle with their mental health.This has influence Guy to want to continue the momentum of breaking down the stigma around mental health - "The weight of the stones is symbolic of the weight felt by people suffering with mental health issues."

Including gift aid, Guy raised an phenomenal £1,135. A huge thank you and congratulations to Guy for completing this absolutely incredible challenge and for helping us to continue providing life-changing mental health treatment to veterans.