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In honour of our forefathers as well as current servicemen who have bravely fought to protect our way of life, I will be taking on the D-Day Challenge to raise vital funds for life-changing mental health treatment for veterans.

The D-Day 44 Challenge commemorates the 1944 Allied invasion of occupied France. I will be heading to Normandy, to race across its picturesque beaches, finishing at the historic Pegasus Bridge on the 80th anniversary of D-Day, 6 June 2024.

Combat Stress is the UK's leading charity for veterans' mental health. For over a century, they've helped former servicemen and women deal with issues like trauma, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Today, they provide support to veterans from every service and every conflict.

I’m taking on D-Day Challenge to help take vital strides towards ensuring veterans can get the support they need.

Thank you so much for your support.

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Miss Bridget E Hooper


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Wishing you the Best of Luck


Colin Thomas


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Andy And Lucy Coles

Good Luck Mike



Let each mile be a testament to your dedication and a step towards your dreams


Charlotte Smith

Wonderful endeavour


Chris Simpson

This is a good one Mike especially the route! Enjoy it and wear the right shoes x


Charles Street


Samuel Pitcher


Rosemary Isaac

Running on the beaches will be a challenge! Good luck Mike.


Ben Simpson

Keep. Moving. Forward. Great work Mike, Enjoy that beer at Pegasus bridge!


Westrow Cooper


Chris Hill

Good luck Mike!


Kirsty Wills

Incredible human!


Philip Bevis


Jenna, Rich & Nellie

Good luck Mike. Amazing effort for such a great cause. Enjoy & don’t stop believing!



Have a fantastic time. You’ve got this!


Alice Simpson

So proud dad! Xx



hopefully will be better than storming those beaches back in 1944


Emma Dorey

What an amazing thing to do. Well done.



Well done Mike!




Liz Lees

Good luck Mike. Great cause!


Ruth Price

Well done



Have a great run!