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In honour of our forefathers as well as current servicemen who have bravely fought to protect our way of life, I will be taking on the D-Day Challenge to raise vital funds for life-changing mental health treatment for veterans.

The D-Day 44 Challenge commemorates the 1944 Allied invasion of occupied France. I will be heading to Normandy, to race across its picturesque beaches, finishing at the historic Pegasus Bridge on the 80th anniversary of D-Day, 6 June 2024.

Combat Stress is the UK's leading charity for veterans' mental health. For over a century, they've helped former servicemen and women deal with issues like trauma, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Today, they provide support to veterans from every service and every conflict.

I’m taking on D-Day Challenge to help take vital strides towards ensuring veterans can get the support they need.

Thank you so much for your support.

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D-Day -1

Wednesday 5th Jun
I am starting my journey to Normandy and only have 0.5% of the nerves that our amazing heroes had 80 years ago. Mine is a 12 hour challenge, theirs was a step into the unknown with only their mates for support. It is support that this is ultimately about, we all need it in our lives. I have had amazing support from friends, family and work colleagues. The money raised will provide support to military veterans who when starting the next chapter in their lives, may have struggled with what words to write. This run is about helping them start writing and moving forward, they have a inspiring stories to tell.


Sunday 28th Apr
Well, April has been my reality check month. Buzzing off the arrival of Spring was followed by a painful first week in April as my Achilles gave me a warning shot across the bow. As usual and on reflection it was a combination of intense runs and ignoring some early warning signs that triggered a minor flare up . The good news, I have only had to reduce run training by one day per week whilst doing some increased strength exercises and stretching. With five weeks to go, I know I have done as much as my body will allow, it is time to taper and arrive healthy and strong. Five weeks to go.

Springing forward

Friday 29th Mar
I am loving the arrival of Spring. Running is going well and the amazing support from all the sponsors has given me a real boost. My footwear is selected and has performed well on two long runs and some speed sessions. Feeding is still not finalised, but trail mix and gels have made it  onto the menu. I have an off-road marathon in 2 weeks which will be a good test. 

Feeling fine and loving the support

Saturday 23rd Mar
It has been a couple of really good weeks with long runs, good speed sessions and amazing support from sponsors. Yes, my legs are tired at the end of the long runs, but they are enjoyable especially with the early sunrises. Two and a half months to go till the big day, so everything is on track.

Min target reached

Monday 11th Mar
I head into three weeks of heavy training with my minimum fundraising target reached. THANKYOU. 


Sunday 3rd Mar
Yesterday was my hardest day yet where I questioned my ability to complete the 44 miles. 2hrs into a 3hr run I lost energy and focus and the negative thoughts arrived. The good thing is I had mentally rehearsed this and focused on my technique. Along with some food, the technique kept me moving. I was spent by the end but knew I could keep moving if I had to. So I take some solace from my hardest day so far. 

Finding the Rhythm

Saturday 24th Feb
I was fortunate to get away with my family over half-term. We went skiing and took one of our daughters’ friends. We had an amazing time and by the end of the week my skiing legs were finely tuned. The downside from my fundraising perspective, I have spent this week finding my running legs again. I am thankful for the break, but I am so much looking forward to the remaining 3 months of my training. Everyone has been so generous with the donations, it’s greatly appreciated.


Saturday 20th Jan
Because of work and planned family activities, I made this last week an easy week. Whilst the main purpose is to recover the body, the mind also needs a rest/ change. Instead of running, I gave some additional time to reading and podcasts. But what truly revitalises the mind/soul is quality time with friends. So thanks to the Burns’ night group who provided great laughs and interesting company. Enough motivational fuel for the training weeks ahead.


Saturday 6th Jan
I have never ran a marathon so this 44 mile run does make me anxious at times. However, this week my confidence is rising. I have been blessed by amazing friends from here and in Canada who have donated generously; it does provide inspiration. I also felt good on my long run and felt like going longer. So a good start to my build phase.

Foundation phase complete

Sunday 31st Dec
As I approach the end of my foundation phase and go into my build phase, the reality of the challenge is dawning on me. My max run distance is 12 miles, however I am running upto six times a week. So I have consistency. Now is time to build in more distance to build confidence but maintain form and health.  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Paul Marshall

A truly worthy cause, go strong 💪🏼 Meegs&Paul


Paul Marshall

Epic effort, well done. That’s a worthy challenge for a memorable day.



Good luck, all this effort is for a great cause.


Johanna Duffy

Well done Mark x 😊 x




John Brosnan

Good luck Mark. , Rather you than me 😂 A very worthy cause. John & Jane




Victoria Noble

Great cause, Mark. Good luck from the Noble family


The Duffys

Best of luck Mark! Hope the weather is kind on the day 🤞


Joanne Sutherland


Cara Saul

Good Luck Mark !


Lydia Evequoz

Way to lead by example, Mark.


The Mcwhites

Good luck, Mark! Loving the history lessons from your training routes.


Phil Wortley

Best of luck with the ultra Mark. I’m sure you’ll smash it 💪🏻


Rosanna, Paul & Jim

Good luck Mark!


The Johnston’s Xx

Mark you are amazing and we know you will smash this! Keep going, you can do this! Looking forward to catching up with all of you very soon. All our love, Andrew, Jen, Isabella, Sophia & Georgia xxxxx


Gray Family

Good luck Mark, well done xx


Bernadette Sumner

Good Luck Mark. Very proud of you undertaking this challenge for such an important charity



Good luck Mark 👍


Michelle Davies

Best of luck with run Mark. Love, the Davies’ x


Mark Teeton


Russ Anstey

Best of luck Mark! Chimo!


Verity Agar


Mark Checksfield

A great charity


Katherine Bingham

Hope all your training pays off!


Matt Copping

Great charity and a tough challenge, best of luck.


Moff And Ellie

Great effort; best wishes with it all. We'll be thinking of you.


Emma Redgate

Such an achievement Mark, congratulations! Love Emma, Si and Daphne x


Nick Gray

Well done Mark


Greg Tripp


Sue Hopgood

Mark, I hope you reach the finish line in good spirits. What a challenge!


Marc Andressen

Good luck with your challenge and enjoy your run along the Normandy coast.


Ann-maria Loughman


Laura Bennett Consulting Ltd

You got this Mark! Amazing effort and great cause! Thinking of you!


Rob Morrison

Good luck Mark


Lisa Mitchinson

Good luck Mark x


James T

Hi Teets, long time no speak! Good luck and well done. Good to catch to something, hope the family are all well, James Tiernan


Mary Redgate

Good luck Mark love Mary


Scott Petrie

Great cause, good luck.


Derek P

Great job mate. Continue to persevere!


Eugene And Chloe

Well-done Mark! You should be so proud to have achieved such a monumental challenge which puts into focus how truly hard it is to deal with mental stress on a daily basis for all those suffering. Chloe and Eugene


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Katherine Etheridge

Good luck Mark - well done! Katherine


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Nice one shipmate!


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Good Luck Mark. Amazing challenge and in support of a vital charity.


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Very best of luck.


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Good luck!


Susan Hawkes