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This year I will be taking part in Race to Remember to raise vital funds for life-changing mental health treatment for veterans.

Combat Stress is the UK's leading charity for veterans' mental health. For over a century, they've helped former servicemen and women deal with issues like trauma, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Today, they provide support to veterans from every service and every conflict.

I’m taking on Race to Remember to help take vital steps towards ensuring veterans can get the support they need.

Thank you so much for your support.

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1000 mile year

Thursday 15th Feb

I am doing something a bit different this year as I needed a change .

This is what lies ahead.

I am aiming to complete 1000 miles of races from February 11th 2024 til 11th Feb 2025. Each race must be at least a marathon or over, Ironman races can be included in the total.

My aim is to raise some money for Combat Stress.

I am not fast! But I am a stubborn bugger so will try my hardest not to pull out of any races.


So to the races: This year I am doing the following..


RACE 1: 11th Feb : Marriotts way marathon (26.2 miles) with a twist , I am running 10 k to the start and 10k home carrying a pack on my back so this will be a slow marathon…5 and half hours ish..

RACE 2: 3rd March: Hannington Hike  marathon (26.2 miles), this is a long distance walkers event so I may stop at a pub or two…

RACE 3: 13th April: Chester 100 mile ultra

RACE 4: 4th May: Pennine Barrier 50  mile ultra (hilly beast with the Yorkshire 3 peaks as part of the course)

RACE 5: 1st June: Maverick Peaks 50k ultra (starts in Bakewell)

RACE 6: 30th June: UK Ultimate Ironman

RACE 7: 6th July (1 week later!!): Odyssey Ironman St Neots (I crashed on this one last year and broke my bike )

RACE 8: 10-15th August….RACE ACROSS SCOTLAND…215 miles non stop ultramarathon with 100 hours time limit (my biggest race to date)

RACE 9: 12th October: Ladybower reservoir 50k ultramarathon

RACE 10: 19th October: Amberaid 50k ultramarathon (Peak district)

RACE 11: 9th November: Race to Remember in support of Combat Stress, 76km ultra (just under 50 miles) from Aldershot to Portsmouth

RACE 12: Jan 13th to 17th: Spine Challenger North..160 miles up the Pennine way in the heart of winter, deep snow,, ice, sub zero temperatures. I thought I’d leave the hardest one til last (time limit is 108 hours)….this is way beyond my comfort zone!!!


Having an incentive often helps and seeing as I've never attempted anything like this knowing that donations depend on me completing the challenge may  make the difference and help me to  keep going when it gets tough  

Thank you in advance.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Nic Finnie

I'm not sure I should be encouraging this behaviour...but good luck!!!


Karen And Paul

Well done Kerwyn, nearly half way through an epic year! We're very proud of you. See you in the pub xx


Paul Squires

You’re a brave man Kev. All the best with it. Who needs toenails?


Kirsty Hc

Good luck Kev!! Great effort for a great cause… keep smiling (and running!)



Go Kev


Andrea Woodroffe

Amazing effort Kev!




Chic (chip)

Try and fit the final 800 in by the end of the month please 👍🏼⚔️


Mike Cock

Wow Kev. Incredible target. The best of luck!


Paula Mcgrath

Amazing, inspirational and bonkers!


Fran Parsons

Good luck with the races!



What an amazing and awe inspiring challenge! Good luck Kevin 😊


Russell Clarke

Great cause Mr B


Janice Coglin-hibbert

So proud of you for launching this challenge ❤️. Boghopper Races supports you too. Always, Sprogs xx



Good luck Kevin, hope it all goes well xx


Sally Axell

Good luck Kevin. Such a wonderful cause


Joan Spruce



Awesome challenge! You’ll smash it!



Good Luck Kevin! Incredible challenge.


John Burton



Kev you’re a legend.


Danielle Copeland

Is that all?? Just kidding. You're a hero in my eyes!



Just ridiculous mileage! 🤯 Good luck!