Alex Baker

44-mile D-Day Challenge: Running the Normandy beaches in support of our veterans

In honour of the service men and women who have bravely fought to protect our way of life, I will be taking on the Combat Stress D-Day Challenge to commemorate the 1944 Allied invasion of occupied France and raise critical funds for life-changing mental health treatment for veterans.

On 6th June this year - the 80th anniversary of D-Day - I have the privilege of running in the footsteps of those who risked everything for us: 44 miles across the landing beaches from Pointe du Hoc to Pegasus Bridge.

With just the last precious few of our WW2 veterans still with us, honouring the incredible sacrifices of our greatest generation is as important as ever and reminds us of the emotional difficulties those who served then and since can face on returning home.

Combat Stress is the UK's leading charity for veterans' mental health. For over a century, they've helped former servicemen and women deal with issues like trauma, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Today, they provide support to veterans from every service and every conflict.

I am paying all the costs associated with this challenge so any sponsorship you can generously give goes 100% to support the brilliant work Combat Stress do with our veterans.

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Holly Baker

Very proud of you! X



Great cause and will be an amazing run, maybe join you next time!


Tobias Latham

Good luck Alex. A (very small) part of me wishes I was lining up with you to take on this amazing challenge.


Nancy And Hugh Smith

A huge challenge for a great cause. We are proud of you.


Julian Pritchard


Ian Knox


Ollie Lazenby


Alan & Elaine Knox

We are full of admiration Alex. X


Babak Hakimian


Adrian And Helena

Wonderful cause, very emotional and bloody impressive challenge. Good luck Alex and make us proud.


Simon Maisey

That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run. So I ran to the end of the road. And when I got there, I thought maybe I'd run to the end of town. And when I got there, I thought maybe I'd just run across Normandy…


Katie Kinchin-smith

Wonderful cause Alex. Amazing work, good luck with the. Katie & Seb xx


Ros Ni Dhubhain

Good luck Alex!


The Pricthards


Paul Toolan

Best of luck Alex!


The Bakers

What an amazing challenge and great charity!!


Amanda Gosling



Good cause, good luck!


Peter Odor

Best of luck mate!





Great cause Alex. Good luck!



Amazing effort. Good luck!


David Mccall


Emma Sekhon

Go Alex goooo! Much love from The Sekhons xxx


Clare, Glyn And Lucia

You are amazing! Hope it goes really well xx


Michael, Emily, Chloe And Josh

Fantastic cause and effort…Don’t forget the Jelly Babies!


The Newmanators

You are a true hero!



Good on you Alex


Max And Marilyn Gosling

Well done, Alex.


Matt Cox




Ros And Dave Atchison

Good running!



Excellent work and cause!




Benson Family

Go Alex!