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This year I will be taking on March in March to raise vital funds for life-changing mental health treatment for veterans.

I will be running 100 miles in the month of March

Combat Stress is the UK's leading charity for veterans' mental health. For over a century, they've helped former servicemen and women deal with issues like trauma, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Today, they provide support to veterans from every service and every conflict.

I’m taking on March in March to help take vital steps towards ensuring veterans can get the support they need.

Thank you so much for your support.

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My Updates

Tuesday 30th March

Tuesday 30th Mar
4.5 miles down the railway path today to leave me with 5.5 miles to complete tomorrow the challenge tomorrow :)

Sunday 28th March

Tuesday 30th Mar
Smallest run of the month at just over 5k to leave with 10 miles to go.

Saturday 27th March

Saturday 27th Mar
A 6.7 mile steady run today so 11.7 this week and the finish is now in site.

Friday 26th March

Friday 26th Mar
Good run this morning and just over 9 min mile average pace so happy with that. Just under 4.5 miles today.

Wednesday 24th March

Wednesday 24th Mar
6.2 miles completed  tonight so that is 25.7 miles this week, that means I can have an easier week for week 4 with only 24.3 miles to complete. :)

Knees are feeling really good this week with no pain on this one.

Tuesday 23rd March

Tuesday 23rd Mar
Another run down the old railway path this morning and another 4.5 miles.

Knees were feeling good so the extra ice and stretching is certainly working. :)

Sunday 22nd March

Monday 22nd Mar
I had a bit of a malfunction on the map not being generated for the run but the FitBit still picking it up overall. Another 4.5 miles today and a bike ride with my son also (but that does not count :) 

Saturday 20th March

Saturday 20th Mar
A good run today 6.64 miles and nearly 8 minutes quicker than the same route last Saturday as knees felt much better.

Thank you for the support so far 

Thursday 18th March

Saturday 20th Mar
4. 5 miles done tonight but really struggled and felt a bit like I was running on empty so did not enjoy this one.

Halfway Point

Wednesday 17th Mar
I had to put my car in for an MOT this morning so a run back from the centre of Bristol and another 5.5 miles.

That takes it to 50 miles and the half way point :)

Tuesday 16th March

Tuesday 16th Mar
4.5 miles at 6am this morning down the railway path. Knees felt better today and only have 5.5 miles to go tomorrow to hit weekly target.

Sunday 14th March

Monday 15th Mar
Another 4.5 miles in the bag to take to 15 miles for this week. 10 to go!!!!

Saturday 13th March

Saturday 13th Mar
6.5 miles today. I planned a longer run but the knees told me otherwise. New plan less miles more frequent. 14.5 miles left for the week.

Thursday 11th March

Friday 12th Mar
Thursdays run was a run around the old Whitchurch Airfield and was 4 miles.

Knees are still sore so going into the weekend with a bit if anticipation for the long run required to keep to target. 

Wednesday 10th March

Wednesday 10th Mar
That is the first week done with a 4.5 mile to complete the target of 25 miles per week.

A nice run on grass/mud which the knees seem to like today. :)

Only 75 to go

Monday 8th March

Monday 8th Mar
4.27 miles this morning down the railway path. Knees still a bit sore from the big run the weekend. Extended rest now until Wednesday evening and then only 4.53 miles to hit the week 1 - 25 miles target. 

Thanks for all the support so far :)

Saturday 6th March

Saturday 6th Mar
A big run today to get the miles up. 11.8 miles, a nice scenic route over the Bristol Suspension Bridge which was around the half way point.

Thursday 4th March

Thursday 4th Mar
Time to get started!!

A nice 4.4 mile steady pace along the old railway path.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Nick Gilroy

Train Hard - Fight Easy! Good effort Big Man!


Rob Hill

Scott - amazing effort for a fantastic cause. Very proud of your endeavours.


Pardeep Singh

Well done Scott! …. (Jog on Bruv!)


Helen Hudson


Darrell Jacques

Good Luck


Ray Fletcher

Good luck Scott and well done. I expect at least 160 paces to the mint


Michael Ethridge

Well done Scott, proud of you mate.


Alison Wylie


Salman Shamim

Fantastic effort Scott. Enjoy the running. Great guy running for great cause.


Scott Hudson


Rich Hobbs


Kalee Zafar


Sophie C

Well done Scott, awesome achievement


Big Bo

Scot, Scott he's our man, can walk more that anyone else can, Whoop Whoop


Ryan Cooper

Oh yeah, I said nice one bruvva


Eren Stirling

Good Luck Scott!



That's a lot of running. Rather you than me. Good luck


Seetan Varsani

Good Luck Scott - all for a great cause!!


Amy Wilkinson

Well done Scott - best of luck :)


Alex Mcmahon

Great work Scott! Good Luck


Garry Sumner



Carly Bedford

Good luck Scott



Run Scott run!!! Good luck 😀💪


Akram Muyanja


Jonathan Guyett

Well done Royal!