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This year I will be taking on March in March to raise vital funds for life-changing mental health treatment for veterans’.

Combat Stress are the UK's leading charity for veteran's mental health. For almost a century, they've helped former servicemen and women deal with issues like trauma, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Today, they provide support to veterans from every service and every conflict.

I’m taking on March in March to help take vital steps towards ensuring veterans can get the support they need.

As most of you know: I developed PTSD from military service in the 80's/90's which took over 15 years post service to reach a point of formal diagnosis and counselling. In addition, 2020 has seen a bowel cancer op and 7 months of chemo, leaving me with peripheral neuropathy in my fingers and toes (amongst some other residual fatigue and nausea side effects). This will add to the challenge of a 'march' so training and time will determine if I attack in one march of a series of smaller marches.

Thank you so much for your support.   Andy P 🙏

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Stage 12 = The final 2.5 miles :-)

Saturday 27th Mar
So here we are ... the final stage ... wanted to push for a 2.5 mile circuit of the forest centre after several days of 0.5 and 1.0, & 2.0 mile build-ups.
I am honoured and touched to be accompanied on the walk by family and friends (all in the spirit and compliance of covid exercising too) 😷.
A special thanks goes out to Gary, Chris F, Chris W, Ivy, Adam & Helena and also Mrs P (behind the camera).... you are truly special people ...
We were also virtually joined by Sid, my first detachment commander who trained/coached/mentored me keeping me safe in my first operational unit with many overseas exploits - not just covid lockdown and tiering from Leicester keeping him away, but ill in bed with covid himself ... 🙏
I truly hope the completion of the march and the funds raised go on to help those who find themselves needing the support of Combat Stress ....
Take care and stay safe all ... Andy P

Stage 11 ... Another full mile today ...

Friday 26th Mar
Joined for exercise by a good friend from combat training days, Mrs P and the hound (out of shot today) for a full mile in the village ....

Stage 10 ... 0.5 miles today ...

Thursday 25th Mar
Another 0.5 miles from home to Sir Capt. Toms and back on a pleasant day ... this time a family friend was out walking with Mrs P so joined us for todays 0.5-mile leg of the march-in-March 😀

Stage 9 ... a 2 mile walk today :-)

Wednesday 24th Mar
2 miles covered ...
No photo's today as I got lost in the moment concentrating on the walk. Then got dizzy, fatigued and nauseous in the last half-mile, so will take it easy tomorrow again ...
Slowly-Slowly, and all in bite-size chunks we will complete the 10 mile march 😀👍🙏🙏🙏

Stage 8 ... a 1 mile stage :-)

Tuesday 23rd Mar
A full mile today ... Mrs P and the hound for company ...

Day 7 ... he rested !!!

Tuesday 23rd Mar
... and on the 7th day he rested, not for anything spiritual or religious but because my COVID jab yesterday continued the theme of my run of bad luck in health at the moment putting me into a flu-like state - couldn't make it up, still, necessary evil and hopefully a 24hr effect ... take care and stay safe all ... Andy P 🙏🙏🙏

Days 5 & 6 ... another mile completed across the weekend ...

Sunday 21st Mar
0.5 Miles Saturday - Mrs P, the Hound and myself ...

0.5 Miles Sunday - again the three of us just after my first COVID vaccination early afternoon ...

Looking forward to continuing the journey through the coming week ... 🙏🙏🙏

Day 4 ... another 0.5 miles completed ...

Friday 19th Mar
Another 0.5 mile walk from home to Sir Capt. Tom's, this time I was accompanied by a very kind commuting friend from my travelling days into London ... all covid compliant exercise and distancing rules at play ... thanks Chris 🙏

So that's now 2 of the 10 miles completed and I'm looking forward to the remaining 4/5ths of the journey in the coming days ...

Day 3 ... another 0.5 miles completed ...

Thursday 18th Mar
Another 0.5 miles completed and just back from the walk between my place and Sir Capt. Tom's family home ...

Day 2 ... Camera and Hound ...

Wednesday 17th Mar
Another 0.5 miles chalked up today.
A gentle walk from home to Sir Capt. Tom's, where the union flag is again flying at full mast ...

And we're off ...

Tuesday 16th Mar
After a setback in preparation (that being a painful and stressful 10 day stay in hospital from 2nd March over my birthday for another post chemo issue/operation) I'm now back at home and ready to take on the challenge ...

It's therefore back to plan-A (series of shorter walks) and today was the first 0.5miles.

I had the privilege of being accompanied (all within rules and spirit of COVID compliance for exercise) by my great friend and personal coach Gary.

0.5 down, 9.5 to cover ...

Looking forward to completing before the month is out ...

Take care all ... Andy P  🙏🙏🙏

Final prep for the main event 👍

Monday 1st Mar
Back in A&E with post-chemo chest/breathing pains again over the weekend so looks like plan-B is still on the cards as I daren't push it for plan-C --- where plan-B was 4 x 2.5mile walks. I'm currently looking to do these Mon-Thurs w/c 8th March ... 🙏🙏🙏

THANKS 🙏🙏🙏 We've reached £1,000

Friday 19th Feb

Again I'm touched by your support for my March-in-March.

Post chemo peripheral neuropathy issues continue to this a challenge for me and currently the plan is looking to be to cover the 10-miles in four 2.5-mile daily walks.

The difference your donations will make are:
   - Keep the helpline open for 48hrs
   - 4 x psychiatrist appointments
   - 16 x psychologist appointments 
   - 18 x 1:1 online art therapy sessions

A sincere thanks to all again and thanks in advance to all those still intending to donate in place of a Birthday card in March...

Andy P

THANKS - We've reached £500

Wednesday 10th Feb

I'm touched by your support for my March-in-March and it's only early Feb.

Post chemo peripheral neuropathy issues will make this a challenge for me, but, the difference made already with £500 in donations is:
   - Keep the helpline open for 24hrs
   - 2 x psychiatrist appointments
   - 8 x psychologist appointments 
   - 9 x 1:1 online art therapy sessions

A sincere thanks to all again and thanks in advance to all those still intending to donate in place of a Birthday card in March...

Andy P

January update:

Monday 1st Feb
Fatigue, nausea and peripheral neuropathy continue to impact from chemo. The pins-and-needles in the toes are the most painful. That said, I have had regular walks 'around the block' all wrapped up warm and shielded from COVID nasties etc. and managing to slowly complete the 0.4 mile dog walk :-)

February plan is to go daily and start increasing the mileage to challenge myself in March. Currently Plan A = 10 x 1 mile walks, Plan B = 4 x 2.5 miles, Plan C = 2 x 5 miles and Plan D = 1 x 10 mile walk.

Setting up Combat Stress donation page ...

Monday 4th Jan
Setting up the Combat Stress donation page for the March in March. A 10 mile march and at this point I have no idea if my post chemo peripheral neuropathy will enable a full 10 mile in one day march, or, if I'll need to attack in 1 mile per day smaller marches.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Andrew Poole


Mat Durkin

All the best and good luck Andy. Hopefully your ‘support team’ will be there with plenty of TLC 😁


The Scottish Clan

Go for it Andy. Gie it laldie !!!!!!


Alison Poole

With you every step of the way. Budgie xxxx


Margaret Poole

A little more from me and also £10 from Brenda lots of love Mum


Bobby Mcconville

Good luck Andy .Easier than peeling spuds 🥔


Chris Folland

Andy, A great effort mate many congratulations. If you need any company for any of the walks I’d be both delighted and proud to support you. All the very best, Chris


Margaret Eagleson

Proud of you. Go for it!


Margaret Poole

I am sure you can achieve your goal love Mum xxx


Chris And Catherine Jackson

Money raised for an excellent cause Andy. Good luck!


Emyl Lewicki

Go on yersel big man!


Jean Gladwell

I always support our vets when I can lost a son he committed suicide after he left the army leaving 2 small children. Best of luck and thank you for helping your fellow brothers.


Jenny Payne

You are amazing Andy , keep being brilliant x


Joanne Durkin

Good Luck Andy You are amazing 👏👏👏


Louise, Kev, Jake And Max Braybrook

Good luck x


Mike Tapscott

Happy Birthday Andy. Its been a long road. Small steps and you'll achieve your goal.


Lesley & Simon

Such a worthy cause. We will be with you every step of the way - Go smash it!!!! Lesley & Simon xx


Rachel Edwards

“Walk on air against your better judgement” Wishing you all the best with this challenge Andy! Lots of love Rachel, Dave and Peggy xx


Hacon Clan

Wishing you all the best Andy. Step by step and you can do it! From James, Erin & Rory xx


Jenny & Ted

Good luck Andy, great cause


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Good luck with everything Andrew, the fundraising and your health. Great cause to be supporting, and we are all right behind you. All the best. Aidan and family


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Great cause


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You’ve got this!


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Well done on the great effort...


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Happy Birthday Dad, go smash it!! So proud of you


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Sue Duke

Happy birthday Andy! Hope that you are feeling better. Plan Z will still be just as great as Plan A. Xx


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Hi Andy, I know that with your attitude and determination you will smash it. Good Luck


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