5 Miles of Burpees

By Andreas Beirne

I am raising vital funds for life-changing mental health treatment for veterans.

I am a British Army veteran and I deployed to Afghanistan at the tender age of just 19. We regularly went on patrol with the US troops and I have sadly seen the lives of US and NATO troops make the ultimate sacrifice. Furthermore I have friends that now can't leave the war behind. My duty in life is now to help my friends from both sides of the pond. 

So here it is...I am doing 5 miles of Burpees. 2.5 miles in Daytona Beach and 2.5 miles in Titusville, Florida on the same day. 

Wish me luck!

My Achievements

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Craig Collins

Andreas, burpees build better bodies as you know. Sterling challenge that will test you. I know you will succeed. All the best.


Tom Belshaw

I don’t doubt you’ll smash your target 🎯 good luck fella!



Who’s shoulder will you cry on when you finish this?? They better not be prettier than me, whoever they are!


Alex Weedon

I see moving across the pond didn’t knock any sense into you!


Lucie Meyer

Go Andy go! No doubt you’ll smash this challenge as you do everything you set your mind to. A force to be reckoned with!